A graphic advertising the Chill & Create series. It features a simplified doodle of a person painting at an easel--they have no facial features, their hair is up in a bun, and one of their legs is wooden and articulated, like a drawing puppet. To the right of this figure is a gold, horizontal bar, with text that says "Chill & Create."

Chill & Create, a unique and hands-on program, integrates art viewing, art making and mindfulness strategies to provide students with tools to de-stress, manage anxiety, and develop wellness practices.

During the 1.5-hour workshop participants will learn new ways to improve wellbeing, while benefiting from the positive effects of viewing and making art. No prior art making experience necessary.

The workshop will be led by Dana Keeton, a local board-certified art therapist and licensed mental health counselor.

Registration required and limited to 15 university students. Click on any of the below events to find the registration link for that date.  

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